Interview # 2 With Brian Thompson of Thorny Bleeder

This is the second half of my hour-long interview with Brian Thompson (, a Vancouver-based music industry entrepreneur, record label owner, artist manager, marketing consultant, digital strategist, brand architect, web designer, blogger, podcaster and industry speaker. Formerly the corporate head of buying and marketing for a large Canadian music retail chain, Brian faced a crossroads when his long-time employer went bankrupt. Using social media, Brian has since re-created himself over the past three years to become a well-respected voice on the convergence of independent artist development, music marketing, social media and technology.

In this half of our interview, Brian discusses his take on

  • Who Are The Thought Leaders in the Changing Music Industry? Technology and the Music Industry.
  • The Ownership Model. The Consumption Model. The Technology Adoption Cycle.
  • Demographics and Music Consumption  Models.
  • How to Get Paid For Making Music, Creating Content. Content As A Medium to Create Awareness. Third Party Partnerships, Corporate Sponsorships. Need For Consumer Filters.
  • Corporate Brands As Filters. The Merger of Corporate and Music Branding. Starbucks.
  • Streaming Providers and Filters.  Spotify Apps. Curating Content.
  • How to Change the Compensation Model. Music Compensation and the Indie Artist.
  • How to Close The Gap Between the Average Indie Artist and Big Name Artists. Having Great Music and Working Hard.
  • Social Media, Touring and the Indie Artist. Website. Blog. Facebook. Twitter. YouTube.
  • Thorny Bleeder as a Model for Developing the Indie Artist Via Social Media. Content.
  • Content Creation and Curation: Regrets and Learning.
  • Using Photos. Using Your Name. Interacting With A Person on Social Media vs. a Corporation. Personalizaton. Changing  the Thorny Bleeder Brand Into the Brian Thompson Brand.
  • Using Social Media Metrics/Analytics For Specific Projects. Google Analytics and Klout.
  • Metrics Tools: When and How to Use Them. Using Your Intuition to Figure Out What Your Fans Want To Hear.
  • Consistency, Frequency, Authenticity. Finding What Works Best For You. Creating Yourself As You Go Along.

Interview # 1 covers Brian’s history, what bands can do to create a social media presence and more.

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